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Martin J. Sherwin

Oral History
John Manley’s Interview (1985) – Part 2
February 9, 2017
Martin Sherwin: In terms of the people who were invited in, I know [George] Kennan. John Manley: That was for the Halloween meeting. Sherwin: Yes. Do you remember anything about what Kennan said? What the impression he left was? Manley: Let me try to be specific. I think I could give you some idea of […]
Oral History
Louis Hempelmann’s Interview – Part 4
Louis Hempelmann:  I do not think the people who came later were ever as close as the people who were there at the beginning. Martin Sherwin: Did most of the people who came later, were they junior people? That is, younger? [Enrico] Fermi came later. Hempelmann: [George] Kistiakowsky came later. Sherwin: He did? When you […]
Oral History
John Manley’s Interview (1985) – Part 1
Martin Sherwin: Good afternoon, this is an interview with John Manley at the Red Onion restaurant, January 9th, 1985, Los Alamos, New Mexico. John Manley: —whether you want to start that yet or not? I’m not at all sure in what way I can help you. Sherwin: Well, I would like to write a book. […]
Oral History
Louis Hempelmann’s Interview – Part 3
January 31, 2017
Martin Sherwin: What was the set-up at Los Alamos, in terms of your relationship to the director [J. Robert Oppenheimer] and how you operated? Louis Hempelmann:  I was working directly under him. I started out with my wife as a half-time secretary, and the technician I brought with me from St. Louis, and Kitty worked […]
Oral History
Verna Hobson’s Interview – Part 3
December 21, 2016
Hobson: One thing that used to happen to particularly interesting and sensitive papers was that Kitty would take them home, and then they would get lost. Lots of things went that way, including a whole batch of interesting tapes. It was very embarrassing because we had promised [Dean] Acheson that only one copy would be made, […]
Oral History
Carl D. Anderson’s Interview
December 19, 2016
Martin Sherwin: This is an interview with Professor Carl Anderson at his home in Pasadena, California, March 31, 1983. This is Martin Sherwin. You first met him [J. Robert Oppenheimer]—­ Carl Anderson: In the summer of 1926, I was an undergraduate, and Caltech had a travel prize. And for a junior student, ‘26 was the […]
Oral History
Harold Cherniss’s Interview – Part 1
December 13, 2016
Harold Cherniss: Well, you see, I was married on January 1, 1929, in White Plains. When we went back to Berkeley, it was immediately after that that I met  [J. Robert] Oppenheimer. This is the time in which he had come to Berkeley the autumn before, just about this time. Taught one term in Berkeley, […]
Oral History
Robert Bacher’s Interview – Part 2
November 9, 2016
Robert Bacher: I presented this [the discovery of the neutron] in the seminar and there were a good many questions. Some people were skeptical. I convinced Ed Condon almost immediately. In fact, within the week we had written a note together on the spin of the neutron because you could work it out. This part […]
Oral History
Robert R. Wilson’s Interview
October 25, 2016
Owen Gingerich: This is an interview between Owen Gingerich and Robert Wilson. You use your middle initial. It’s Robert R.? Robert Wilson: Yes, usually. Gingerich: Robert R. Wilson, who is a builder of high energy accelerators and who was one of the physicists at Los Alamos. We are speaking today in Philadelphia, where we both happen […]
Oral History
Roy Glauber’s Interview
October 18, 2016
Owen Gingerich: Professor Roy Glauber is a physicist, a physicist who had an early start in physics because when he was still an undergraduate at Harvard, it was during World War II. A mysterious caller knocked on his dormitory door, and asked him if he would want to participate in some unspecified kind of scientific […]