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Oral History
John DeWire’s Interview
March 22, 2016
Martin Sherwin: This is an interview with John DeWire at Cornell University in his office at Newman Hall 228, Newman. Today is May 5, 1982.    You were with Robert Wilson’s group from Princeton that was recruited by [J. Robert] Oppenheimer in ’43, right? Late ’43, was it? John DeWire: Early ’43. Sherwin: Early ’43. DeWire: I […]
Oral History
Hans Bethe’s Interview (1982) – Part 2
March 4, 2016
Hans Bethe: The other was M – A – D, MAD [Mutually Assured Destruction], which essentially says that nuclear weapons make sense only as a safeguard against nuclear weapons. As [Wolfgang] Panofsky has said recently, and there is actually an article by him, “It is not a doctrine. It is a fact of life. Nothing […]
Oral History
Hans Bethe’s Interview (1982) – Part 1
November 2, 2015
Martin Sherwin: This is an interview with Hans Bethe in his office at Newman Hall, Cornell University, May 5, 1982. This is Martin Sherwin. Sherwin: I’m glad I caught this. Basically, you were surprised that Kyoto had been selected and at these meetings, that the Target Committee had been held in the Oppenheimer’s office. Hans […]
Oral History
Hans Bethe’s Interview (1993)
August 11, 2014
Richard Rhodes: Did David Holloway show you the documents that the Russians published? Hans Bethe: Not the documents, but I got recent documents like [Yulii] Khariton. Rhodes: Ah. They also published what [Klaus] Fuchs gave them. And, I have some of it here. I wanted to show you. You may not be able to comment. […]
Oral History
Rose Bethe’s Interview
July 24, 2014
Cindy Kelly: I’m Cindy Kelly, Atomic Heritage Foundation, and I’m in Ithaca, New York. It is Wednesday, June 11, 2014. And I have with me Rose Bethe. And I’m going to start by asking Rose to tell us her name and spell it. Rose Bethe: My name is Rose Bethe. It’s spelled B as in […]