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Oral History
Inge-Juliana Sackmann Christy’s Interview
June 14, 2019
Cindy Kelly: This is Wednesday, March 20. Inge-Juliana Sackmann Christy:    March 20. Kelly: 2019. I’m Cindy Kelly, and I’m in Pasadena, California. And I’m with Inge-Juliana Sackmann Christy. So what I want you to do is say your full name and then spell it. Sackmann Christy:   Inge-Juliana Sackmann Christy. And should I spell it? Kelly:  Yes, […]
Oral History
Carl D. Anderson’s Interview
December 19, 2016
Martin Sherwin: This is an interview with Professor Carl Anderson at his home in Pasadena, California, March 31, 1983. This is Martin Sherwin. You first met him [J. Robert Oppenheimer]—­ Carl Anderson: In the summer of 1926, I was an undergraduate, and Caltech had a travel prize. And for a junior student, ‘26 was the […]
Oral History
Robert Bacher’s Interview – Part 2
November 9, 2016
Robert Bacher: I presented this [the discovery of the neutron] in the seminar and there were a good many questions. Some people were skeptical. I convinced Ed Condon almost immediately. In fact, within the week we had written a note together on the spin of the neutron because you could work it out. This part […]
Oral History
Lee DuBridge’s Interview – Part 2
September 2, 2016
Lee DuBridge: So, yeah, we thought it was an exciting time to have the AEC [Atomic Energy Commission]. We knew, of course, that they were going ahead with the weapon development, but also they were going to support Brookhaven and other research centers around the country. So, no, I think those of us who were not […]
Oral History
Jean Bacher’s Interview
August 22, 2016
Jean Bacher: Ruth Valentine said, “I shall take Ruth [Tolman]’s desk.” She always saved letters. She had marvelous long letters from Robert, you know, especially at the time of the hearings. I knew they were just terribly close and shared a great deal. On the drawer of the desk, she’d said, “Destroy these.” Martin Sherwin: […]
Oral History
Robert Bacher’s Interview – Part 1
August 11, 2016
Martin Sherwin: This is Martin Sherwin. Today is March 29, 1983. I am going to interview Professor Robert F. Bacher – B-a-c-h-e-r – in his office on the Caltech campus in Pasadena. Robert Bacher: Look, before we start on this, I want to talk a little bit more about things in general. If you are […]
Oral History
William A. Fowler’s Interview
August 9, 2016
Martin Sherwin: This is Martin Sherwin, I’m on my way to interview William Fowler at Caltech in Pasadena. Today is March 29, 1983. William A. Fowler: Yes, I came to Caltech just fifty years ago in 1933 as a graduate student, and I have been here ever since. I am now the oldest graduate student […]
Oral History
Mildred Goldberger’s Interview
August 1, 2016
Martin Sherwin: You must have met the Oppenheimers when Murph [her husband, Marvin Goldberger] met them? Mildred Goldberger: No. Sherwin: No? Goldberger: No, Murph met [J. Robert] Oppenheimer quite early on, I think. Not during the war. But he was an early invitee to the Rochester Conferences. I am sure Oppenheimer was there. In any […]
Oral History
Marvin Goldberger’s Interview
July 21, 2016
Martin Sherwin: President Goldberger, Marvin Goldberger of California Institute of Technology at Caltech in Pasadena, March 28, 1983. This is Martin Sherwin. This is something obviously I should have done three years ago back in Princeton when you had more time, etc. Marvin Goldberger: That’s all right. I have plenty of time. Sherwin: You first […]
Oral History
Robert Christy’s Interview
January 15, 2016
Martin Sherwin: This is Martin Sherwin. I am on my way to interview Professor Robert Christy in his office at 423 Downs on the Caltech Campus in Pasadena, California, March 30th, 1983. You were a student of his? Robert Christy: I was a graduate student of [J. Robert] Oppenheimer’s from the fall of 1937 until […]