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Making the Jitterbug Work–Marcus Oliphant and the Manhattan Project
May 30, 2019
By Sue Rabbitt Roff
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Museums and the Atomic Age
July 26, 2018
Many museums have explored the history of nuclear science, technology, and politics. These museums vary greatly in geographical location, size, and scope. Some are dedicated solely to the historic preservation and interpretation of some aspect of the atomic age. Others have different areas of specialty but have chosen to feature nuclear history as it relates […]
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Media Censorship
April 5, 2018
During World War II, partly thanks to media censorship, the United States government kept the best-held secret: the building of the atomic bomb.
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Mail Censorship
March 7, 2018
Mail censorship was a crucial aspect of the secrecy of the Manhattan Project. Individuals at Los Alamos remember situations where mail censorship disrupted their lives.
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The Navy in the Manhattan Project
August 11, 2017
While the secrecy of the Manhattan Project meant that the U.S. Army was the only branch officially charged with overseeing it, the Navy would also play a crucial role in the project’s success.
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Provisional Engineer Detachment
August 10, 2017
Members of the Provisional Engineer Detachment (PED) played an integral part in the construction, operation, and maintenance of the “Secret City” of Los Alamos, New Mexico.
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Civilian Displacement: Los Alamos, NM
July 26, 2017
To build the Los Alamos Laboratory, the Army took over the land of two dozen homesteaders, the Los Alamos Ranch School, and the Anchor Ranch.
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Civilian Displacement: Hanford, WA
July 21, 2017
Before the Manhattan Project, about two thousand people lived in White Bluffs, Hanford, and Richland, WA or nearby. For centuries, four different Native American tribes enjoyed the land along Columbia River.
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The Einstein-Szilard Letter – 1939
July 18, 2017
In 1939, Albert Einstein sent FDR a letter urging the US conduct research into an atomic bomb.
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Civilian Displacement: Oak Ridge, TN
July 17, 2017
During the Manhattan Project, about 3,000 families and farmers from rural Eastern Tennessee were displaced for new research and development sites.