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E. F. Leinberger

Project StaffT-Plant/200 Areas

Hanford, WA
Manhattan Project VeteranProject Worker/Staff

Leinberger worked in the 200 W Area at Hanford during the Manhattan Project.

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Herbert M. Parker

Research & Development/300 Area

Herbert M. Parker (1910-1984) was a British-American medical physicist. He worked at Chicago, Oak Ridge, and Hanford during the Manhattan Project, and is perhaps best known for inventing the rep (a precursor of the rad) and helping develop the rem to measure radiation dosage.

John P. Engel

Tinian Island

John P. Engel served in the 1st Ordnance Squadron.

Mark W. Luckett

S-50 Plant

Mark W. Luckett worked for the Fercleve Corporation at the S-50 Thermal Diffusion Plant at Oak Ridge in 1945.

E. L. Robinson

Oak Ridge, TN

E. L. Robinson worked for the H. K. Ferguson Company.