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Jane M. Amenta

Personal Secretary - Col. W.B. ParsonsOak Ridge, TN

Los Alamos, NMWashington, DC
Manhattan Project VeteranMilitary Veteran

Jane Amenta was a part of the Women's Army Corps (WAC) Detachment, and worked as the personal secretary to Col. W. B. Parsons, Director of Military Intelligence in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. She was later transferred to Washington, DC while still working on the Manhattan Project. As a civilian, she was also the personal secretary to Dr. Edward Teller and Dr. Frederic de Hoffman in Los Alamos.

US Army Signal Corps

WAC Group 4/23/1946

Lodge at Los Alamos 1

Lodge at Los Alamos 2

Jane Amenta

Parsons and Amenta

War Bond Authorization 1945

Special Orders 1/18/1946

1953 Los Alamos Booklet (Spring Edition)

1954 Los Alamos Booklet

Eniwetok Atoll

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