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John Brand joined the Manhattan Project in 1943 while working at the Ilion, N.Y. plant of Remington Arms, Co., which was a DuPont Company subsidiary. In March 1943, Brand was transferred to the Metallurgical Laboratory at the University of Chicago where he assisted in the development of the uranium bomb. While at Chicago, Brand listened to lectures by prominent scientists, such as Enrico Fermi and Arthur Compton, and learned about the properties and chemistry of uranium. In July 1943, Brand was transferred to the X-10 Plant at the Oak Ridge site. 

John Brand's Timeline
1943 Began work on the Manhattan Project at the Ilion, N.Y. plant of Remington Arms, Co
1943 May Transferred to the Chicago Met Lab.
1943 Jul1945 Worked at the X-10 Plant in Oak Ridge, TN.

John Brand and the Oak Ridge Team, 1943

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