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W. D. Hudson

Oak Ridge, TN

Huson worked for Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation.

Regina “Reggie” Behl

Oak Ridge, TN

Regina “Reggie” Behl (1922-2011) was an art teacher in Oak Ridge, Tennessee during the Manhattan Project.

Marjorie L. Richmond

Chicago, IL

Marjorie Richmond was a laboratory technician in the Health Division at the Metallurgical Laboratory in Chicago during the Manhattan Project.

Richard “Dick” Keramedjian

Los Alamos, NM

Richard’s last name has been misspelled multiple times. Alternative spellings include “Kermadjian” (incorrectly recorded in a Roll Call for the 4617th MP Detachment) and “Karanedjian” (in the first volume of the Los Alamos Times, published March 15th, 1946).