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M. C. Tompkins

Project WorkerOak Ridge, TN

Manhattan Project VeteranProject Worker/Staff
The Chapel on the Hill

Tompkins worked for Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation.

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Jane Roberg

Los Alamos, NM

Jane Roberg was an American physicist. She earned a Ph.D. from Duke University and was working at the University of California when she was recruited to work on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos.

Alfred Pfanstiehl

Chicago, IL

Alfred Pfanstiehl was a junior physicist at the Chicago Met Lab during the Manhattan Project. Pfanstiehl was a signatory of the Szilard Petition, an attempt to avert military use of the atomic bomb against Japan.

Edward C. Long

Oak Ridge, TN

Edward Long supervised the calutron in the Y-12 Plant at Oak Ridge beginning in 1944. Long received a B.

A. W. Groce

Oak Ridge, TN

A. W. Groce worked for the Edenfield Electric Company.