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General Richard Groves was a cadet at West Point during World War II, getting ready to ship out for the invasion of Japan. His father, General Leslie R. Groves, directed the Manhattan Project. 

General Richard Groves had a distinguished career in the US Army. He served in postwar Germany, the British West Indies, Paris, and two tours in Vietnam. His military decorations included the Defense Distinguished Service Medal; the Army Distinguished Service Medal; three awards of the Legion of Merit; two awards of the Bronze Star Medal; and three Air Medals.



Richard H. Groves's Timeline
1945 Graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point.
19451950 Served in the US Army in Germany.
1950 Received a Master's degree in soil mechanics from Harvard University.
1965 Received a Master's degree in international relations from George Washington University.
1982 Advised the Secretary of Defense on NATO affairs.
2011 Dec 26th Died in Fort Belvoir, VA.

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