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The Atlantic on MP Veterans Database


The Atlantic has a terrific article on the Atomic Heritage Foundation’s Manhattan Project Veterans Database project. With over 10,000 biographies and 370 oral histories, our collection of profiles and interviews grows daily.

The article, written by journalist Adrienne LaFrance, focuses on Leona Woods Marshall, the top woman physicist on the project. “Though she died in 1986, you can hear Libby talk about her life’s work in an oral history on the Atomic Heritage Foundation’s website. Her page is one of more than 10,000 biographies and counting in a new project to catalogue the half-million people who contributed, in some form or another, to the Manhattan Project.” LaFrance continues: “The historical value is clear…It’s reasonable to expect that historians hundreds or even thousands of years from now will look back to the development of the atomic bomb as a crucial moment for our species.”

The profiles and oral histories provide insight into the hundreds of thousands of people who worked on the Manhattan Project, from the project’s leaders to construction workers and secretaries. We are pleased The Atlantic and other media outlets have taken note of our ambitious efforts to expand our database and oral history collection.