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Articles on Pres. Obama’s Visit to Hiroshima
May 25, 2016

President Barack Obama will become the first sitting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima on May 27, 2016. Secretary of State John Kerry became the highest-ranking US official at the time to visit Hiroshima when he toured the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Museum on April 11, 2016. Here is a roundup of media coverage on President […]

LA Times on Manhattan Project’s Hanford Site
April 25, 2016

The Los Angeles Times has an excellent article on the Manhattan Project National Historical Park at Hanford, WA. Written by LA Times travel reporter Christopher Reynolds, Facing difficult questions at the Manhattan Project’s Hanford Site discusses what you will learn about and see on a tour at the Manhattan Project NHP at Hanford. Reynolds describes going on a tour […]

The Atlantic on MP Veterans Database
March 25, 2016

The Atlantic has a terrific article on the Atomic Heritage Foundation’s Manhattan Project Veterans Database project. With over 10,000 biographies and 370 oral histories, our collection of profiles and interviews grows daily. The article, written by journalist Adrienne LaFrance, focuses on Leona Woods Marshall, the top woman physicist on the project. “Though she died in 1986, you can […]

C-SPAN3 Airs AHF Oral Histories
September 2, 2015

C-SPAN3’s American History TV has been airing our interviews with Manhattan Project veterans and family members from the “Voices of the Manhattan Project” collection. Be sure to watch! You can find the TV schedule here or see them on C-SPAN’s oral histories website here. Stay tuned for more! Enjoy! Among the interviews they have aired are: Peggy Bowditch, daughter of […]

Manhattan Project in the News
July 9, 2015

With the approach of the 70th anniversaries of the Trinity test and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Manhattan Project has been a popular news topic. There were several interesting articles published in June concerning the Manhattan Project and its legacy. The blog Atlas Obscura featured Dorothy McKibbin in “Dorothy McKibbin: The Manhattan Project’s Secret […]

Little Boy and Fat Man Photos Go Viral
March 2, 2015

The New York Times (NYT) published an article this month on the public’s recent interest in photographs of the Little Boy and Fat Man bombs. As the NYT’s William Broad notes, some of the photographs have been online for years but only recently went “viral,” attracting the interest of tens of thousands of people. The websiteAlternateWars published […]

“Voices of the Manhattan Project” featured in the Tri-City Herald
January 9, 2015

On January 4, the Atomic Heritage Foundation’s (AHF) “Voices of the Manhattan Project” website was featured in Washington’s Tri-City Herald. The article, written by Annette Cary, highlights interviews with Manhattan Project veterans who worked at Hanford to build the world’s first nuclear reactor during World War II. Phil Gardner, who was in charge of labor […]

“The Manhattan Project” Reviewed in “Nuclear News”
June 11, 2014

The Manhattan Project: The Birth of the Atomic Bomb in the Words of Its Creators, Eyewitnesses and Historians was reviewed in the June 2008 issue of Nuclear News.  The magazine, published by the American Nuclear Society, calls the book is “a needed addition to the historical literature.”   The reviewer, Raymond L. Murray, is a […]

AHF President Featured on C-SPAN
June 11, 2014

Atomic Heritage Foundation President Cindy Kelly appeared on C-SPAN's Washington Journal Saturday morning, August 14, 2010 on the anniversary of Japanese surrender and the official end of WWII. During the 45-minute program, Cindy spoke about Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as the environmental and health effects of […]

AHF Profiled in American Physical Society Newsletter
June 11, 2014

The America Physical Society (APS) published their quarterly Physics and Society newsletter detailing “issues of both current and historical significance.” Cynthia Kelly’s article on the Manhattan Project historical properties and the Atomic Heritage Foundation was chosen as one of three featured articles for the publication. You can either access the full publication or part of […]