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Annual Reports

Annual Report 2017 cover

Annual Report 2017

  • The “Voices of the Manhattan Project” website reaching 500 interviews
  • New “Ranger in Your Pocket” programs on the Hans Bethe House at Los Alamos, the University of Chicago’s Metallurgical Laboratory, Los Alamos Innovations, and Oak Ridge
  • Updates on the three sites of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park (Oak Ridge, TN, Hanford, WA, and Los Alamos, NM)
  • Events on Hispano and Native American experiences of the Manhattan Project and the 75th anniversary of Chicago Pile-1

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016

  • The Manhattan Project National Historical Park made progress; Kris Kirby took charge as the new superintendent
  • “Ranger in Your Pocket” program “Know Before You Go” at Hanford launched; program on the Bethe House at Los Alamos to be launched in March 2017
  • AHF met with Manhattan Project veterans who participated on Honor Flight programs
  • New history articles published on AHF website on a wide variety of topics

Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2015

  • Manhattan Project National Historical Park officially established
  • AHF meets with Japanese officials
  • “Ranger in Your Pocket” programs on Hanford’s Pioneers and Los Alamos launched
  • AHF hosts Manhattan Project 70th anniversary events

Annual Report 2014

  • Congress passed Manhattan Project National Historical Park Act
  • AHF made significant progress adding dozens of interviews from the AHF, Groueff, Sanger, and Rhodes Collection to the “Voices of the Manhattan Project” website
  • AHF launched a new website and “Ranger in Your Pocket” programs for Hanford and Manhattan Project innovations
  • The WGN America television show “Manhattan” boosted public interest in the history of the Manhattan Project

Annual Report 2013

  • Bestselling author Denise Kiernan joined AHF’s board of directors
  • Crystal Trust awarded AHF $250,000 to digitize the Groueff, Rhodes, and Sanger oral history collections
  • AHF collaborated with the Carnegie Corporation of New York to create a HistoryPin website of key Manhattan Project sites in New York City
  • AHF held a workshop, funded by the National Science Foundation, to bring together key museum and history experts to discuss how to interpret the Manhattan Project in exhibits, programs and media

Annual Report 2012

  • The 112th Congress introducing the Manhattan Project National Historical Park Act
  • Launch of a new oral history website, “Voices of the Manhattan Project”
  • Release of second editions of guides to the Manhattan Project in Manhattan and New Mexico
  • AHF work on new exhibits for the B Reactor
  • AHF awarded a National Science Foundation grant

Annual Report 2011

  • The Department of Interior transmitted to Congress recommendations for a Manhattan Project National Historical Park
  • AHF releases guides to the Manhattan Project in Tennessee and Washington
  • AHF revamps website
  • New oral histories conducted
  • 2011 New Mexico Teachers’ Workshop

Annual Report 2010

  • Updates on preservation efforts at K-25 building in Oak Ridge, TN
  • Release of “A Guide to Manhattan Project Sites in New Mexico” 
  • Updates on legislation for the Manhattan Project National Historical Park
  • 2010 New Mexico Teachers’ Workshop
  • Cindy Kelly featured on C-Span

Annual Report 2009

  • Wendover’s Enola Gay Hangar
  • Revisiting Reykjavik Conference 
  • AHF Events across the country 
  • 2009 New Mexico Teachers’ Workshop
  • Website and New Books

Annual Report 2008

  • Hanford B Reactor Exhibits 
  • The Manhattan Project Anthology 
  • AHF Events across the country
  • General Groves Day 
  • Secret City Festival 2008

Annual Report 2007 

  • Hanford B Reactor Exhibits
  • The Manhattan Project Anthology
  • V Site dedication at Los Alamos 
  • National Traveling Exhibition
  • Website and Films 

Annual Report 2006 

  • Continuing Mission of MPHPA
  • National Traveling Exhibit 
  • Preserving the Legacy of Los Alamos
  • Crawford Greenewalt Film 
  • “Atomic Restoration”

Annual Report 2005

  • Race for Atomic Power Exhibit 
  • Spreading the Wealth
  • Unveiling Secrecy 
  • Which Way to a Manhattan Project Site?

Annual Report 2004

  • Our Mission: Why it Matters
  • Report to the Department of Energy 
  • Congressional Grant Award
  • Our Major Projects